WPA Bruins Wrap Up

WPA Bruins Wrap Up

May 2, 2022

WPA Bruins Tip-off Event was a great way to start off the AAU season.  John Tate and his staff have done a tremendous job of getting the right venue, the right teams and the right city to host this event.  This event has quickly become a must to test your team before the evaluation period.

Here are some Kontinuous Evaluation points that stood out to me:

Programs you should be going to see during the live period at every age group:

FBC / Supreme Team/ FBC Midwest/ Queen City

-Power 5 Players

-Mid Major Players

-Low Major Players

New Heights

-Power 5 Players

-Mid Major Players

-Low Major Players

Team Takeover

-Power 5 Players

-Mid Major Players

-Low Major Players

Elevate Elite

-Power 5 Players

-Mid Major Players

-Low Major Players


-Power 5 Players

-Mid Major Players

-Low Major Players

WV Thunder

-Power 5 Players

-Mid Major Players

-Low Major Players

Team Durant

-Power 5 Players

-Mid Major Players

-Low Major Players


-Mid Major Players

-Low Major Players

WPA Bruins

-Power 5 Players

-Mid Major Players

-Low Major Players

Cincy Angels

-Power 5 Players

-Mid Major Players

-Low Major Players

Philly Rise

-Power 5 Players

-Mid Major Players

-Low Major Players Books and Basketball

-Mid Major Players

-Low Major Players

Team Curry

-Mid Major Players

-Low Major Players

B Scott Academy

-Low Major Players


-Mid Major Players

-Low Major Players

Players you should make your way to go see:


Ashlynn Shade -IGB – The Rex Chapman of women’s basketball……Sorry she is committed to UConn

Jadyn Donovan-Team Takeover- One of the most athletic players I have seen.  Makes the right plays, rebounds with the bigs and has a true JUMP shot

Courtney Ogden – FBC – She made me a believer this weekend, savvy feel for the game and was knocking down shot after shot ……Stanford Commit

Aalyah Del Rosario -New Heights – The best shape I have ever seen her in, was high energy all weekend and dominated the boards.

Angelica Valez – New Heights – A true leader on the court, with vision and a NYC swag thats hard to pass up.  Would like to see her shoot the ball more to keep the defense honest

Kymora Johnson- WV Thunder – Confident pg that has expanded her range.  She knows how to run a team whether in a set offense or just using her instincts

Mackenzie Nelson – Exodus – Some of the quickest hands I have seen on a player.  Excels on the defensive end and getting to the basket.  Would like to see her stretch the defense with the shot.

Paris Bass – 1 Nation -She has an anapt ability to make plays whether it’s in the transition or slashing to the rim as she scored off the bounce and distributed the ball well. Her length allows her to close out space on defense as she got multiple deflections creating turnovers or extra possessions for her team. Has solid combo moves to get to her spot and elevates on jumpshot, solid prospect

Sahnya Jah – Team Takeover -On a very talented roster, Sahnya will prove to be the X factor for Takeover going into the summer. She simply makes plays, whether it be a big rebound and put back or steal to create transition opportunities she is always in the mix of things. She got it going at one point in the game vs FBC United and  was unstoppable playing out of the high post area single handedly keeping her team in the game with a number of tough baskets.

Olivia Mcgee – Team Durant – The 6-foot-3 prospect is an imposing athlete with her rare combination of size, agility and strength. She showed a natural ability to score the ball on all levels and made plays from a  number of spots on the floor. Her jump shot is pure and made a number of contested jumpers with her high release. She showed ability to pass well out of mid post and attack the boards snatching rebounds out of position and strong enough to put back thru contact.

Samyah Sufren – Team Curry 17u -First look and was immediately intrigued with this stout frame, speedy PG. She possesses a quick first step and excels playing downhill, her powerful frame allows her to stay on her line when attacking the lanes in the dribble drive or off sideline PNR. A streaky shooter that can score in spurts as she did in a close loss to Team Durant where she went on a 6 -0 run herself to keep team close. Committed to Virginia Tech

Other 2023 you need to watch

Caris Baker – Exodus

Riley Theuerkauf – Exodus

Mary Ashley Groot – Exodus

Clara Strack – Exodus

Delany Thomas- Team Takeover

Qadance Samuels – Team Takeover Hawa Doumbouya – Team Takeover

Ella Weaver – WV Thunder

Paris Locke – Team Thrill

Essence Cody – FBC

Jordy Griggs – Team Durant

Khia Miller – Team Durant

Grace Sundback – New Heights

Aaryn Battle – New Heights

Joniyah Bland Fitzpatrick – New Heights

Nadia Moore – Drill4Skill

Mayla Ham – 1 Nation


Joyce Edwards – FBC  – Impactful player as soon as she steps on the court.  Smooth sweet shooting stroke, glides to the basket and is just effective in every part of the game.

Jaloni Cambridge – FBC – Fast, quick, under control and is unstoppable when her jumpshot is falling.  Controls the pace of the game on both ends.

Kayleigh Heckel – Exodus – First time seeing her play and I was overly impressed.  Athletic, plays with pace, plays defense and has grit to her game.  Made plays to make you say WOW!!

Kendal Dudley – Team Durant – Point Forward who although a little unorthodoxed gets the job done.  Hits corner threes, rebounds extremely well, handles the ball with pressure and has the size to guard multiple positions.

Kate Koval – Exodus – Strong, effective post presence with some of the best hands in the country.  Rebounds with strength, has polished foot work and makes effective post moves

Maddie McDaniel – Team Takeover – Good to see she is fully recovered and back to being the Maddie from Middle School.  Her one on one game is explosive all while keeping her teammates involved.  She pushes in transition and drops passes on bigs with precision.

Zamareya Jones – FBC – Speed and Flash is her calling card.  Heart of a Lion and is not afraid to shoot (and make) shots out to the NBA 3 point line.  Love how she is physical on defense but still gets in position for charges.

Eva Garabadian – Supreme Team -The other half of a young backcourt for the Supreme Team, Eva is a natural slasher who plays down hill and excelled in transition. She has an array of combos that allows her to get to her mid range or floaters in the lane and can shoot the 3 ball well off the dribble. She is a solid on ball defender and plays passing lanes like a strong safety. He did a great job letting the game come to her throughout the weekend. Looking forward to tracking her development.

Other 2024 you need to watch

Taylor Thomas – Exodus

Devyn Quigley – Exodus

Kennedy Ume – Philly Rise

Myah Hazelton – Philly Rise

Sharia Baynes – Philly Rise

Chazadi Wright – Supreme Team

Raevin Washington – Elevate Elite

Daniya MacDonald – 1 Nation

Madi McDaniel – Team Takeover

Kyndel Walker – Team Takeover

Leah Harmon – Exodus NYC

Here are a list of the young players you need to see

  • Chazadi “Chit Chat” Wright – Supreme Team-Small but dynamic, this point guard is anatural playmaker and does so with a sense of calm even under pressure which is special to be so young. She has the ball on a string which gives her the confidence and freedom to be creative in probing for her shot, get paint touches or get her team into their sets. She had the 3 ball going and defended well as she had a standout performance in leading her team to a tough win over a very good New Heights top team.
  • Kelsi Andrews – FBC United -The young post player is in rare air as she has all the tools tobe an unstoppable force in the next few years. Already plays with aggression and physicality add in a very mobile at 6’4 as she sprinted rim to for early post catches, boxes out with reckless abandonent and displayed great hands to match. The fact that she hasn’t played in a high school game yet is eye opening, FBC is in good hands for the next few years.

Princess Moody – Team Takeover – 2025

Megan Yarnovich – Team Takeover -2025

Zhen Craft – Team Takeover – 2025

Aniya Trent – Cincy Angels – 2025

Darianna Alexander – WV Thunder – 2025

Luvrain Gaskins – B Scott Academy – 2025

Jameka Brungard – Team Cure -2025

Shayla Smith – Philly Rise – 2025

Amori Jarrett – Elevate Elite – 2025

Jayla Jordyn – Team Takeover – 2026

Jada McClure – Queen City – 2026

Ava Yoon – Team Final – 2026

Annabeth Tsi Turton – Team Final – 2026

Gabby Vaughn – Books and Basketball – 2026

Jayla Koser – Team PA – 2026

Autumn Fleary – Team Takeover – 2026

Sanai Green – Elevate Elite – 2026

Jordan Speller – FBC – 2026

Carley Sweazie – Team Durant – 2026

Ryan Carter – Exodus – 2027

Ashley McCalla – Exodus – 2027

Quandence Samuels – Team Takeover -2027

Timani Harris – TKO – 2027

Micah Ojo – YKS – 2027

Madison Drayton – Queen City – 2027

Jayden Mclain – 2029